Tuesday, June 07, 2005

François Hollande

One of my colleagues remarked at lunchtime on how much he resembles a naughty little boy who has been caught out. I have to agree with this. He was interviewed on LCI this morning and could hardly even speak normally when asked about how Laurent Fabius had been chucked out of the Socialist party. He had that nervous high-pitched voice and rapid breathless speech of someone who knows he's at fault but can't bear to admit it.
I know this isn't a valid political comment but it's interesting to read and interpret body language. It is also true that the English speakers who may happen on this page don't all have an opportunity to watch Franch TV. And maybe in 6 months time I'll laugh at this comment, and maybe in 6 years time it will be interesting historically to see what has come of it all.
One of the advantages of a blog is supposed to be that it is personal.


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